Our Approach

Because developing a web site depends not only on our availability but on yours as well, getting everyone working together towards realistic milestones is critical.  Our approach is based on many years of experience and is designed to keep everyone on task, and your project on target.

STRATEGY: The Objective Based Foundation

Retainer: 40%

We begin with a Client interview where we strengthen our understanding of your business. We are going to ask many questions about what you do, about your competitors, about your customers, and about where your business is headed. We’ll ask for examples of marketing collateral and any other assets that may be helpful.  Based on this information we will assess your business, your marketplace and develop a web strategy for your business. The Client Web Strategy Document will be created for your review and and sign-off. Based on our agreed strategy we construct Information Architecture (IA) concepts.  We’ll ask you to review these and we will go through iterations as necessary.  When the structure is agreed, the client signs-off on the final version.

  • Deliverable: Client Web Strategy Document
  • Deliverable: Information Architecture Schematics

CREATIVE:  Brand Communication and User Interaction

Retainer: 30%

We will conduct a Gap Analysis which identifies shortfalls in existing content, processes, or other assets deemed necessary for the development and operation of your site.  Our next step is to develop the design for your site.  This includes visual design, user interaction design and content design.  We will provide you with visual concepts that will require your review, input and approval.

  • Deliverable: Content Inventory and Gap Analysis
  • Deliverable: Homepage and content-level page Designs

DEVELOPMENT: Building the Working Web Site

Retainer: 20%

This is the nitty-gritty of developing the actual working site. Before we can begin this phase, any gaps identified in the Content Inventory and Gap Analysis must be addressed.  If the copywriting of missing content is part of our original proposal then we can move onto this phase directly from Design. If it is not, the client either provides the gap content, or a Change of Scope needs to be created to cover this addition to the project.  We will be tucked away for most of this phase with our pointy hats on.  Once the site is ready you’ll be provided with details on how to access and review the site.  You’ll be asked to sign-off on this phase when it has been completed.

  • Deliverable: Functional Web Site on our staging server

COMPLETION: Launch and Delivery

Retainer: 10%

The final step is to release your web site into the wild.  You will be provided with any assets covered under the terms of our Proposal, including a full copy of the site on DVD.

  • Deliverable: Project Assets DVD
  • Deliverable: Production Ready Web Site Hand-Off