Aug 03, 2011
We recently integrated a client's Drupal 6.x / Ubercart 2.x web site with Google Merchant Services (formerly Google Base) AKA Google Shopping.  The motivation for this was to get on the Google Shopping results pages, and hopefully to gain some ground in natural language search engine results...
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Jun 13, 2011
Email newsletters are a powerful way to reach customers.  Not unlike your web site or social media channels, they require effort to manage effectively.  There is good news though, the process continues to get simpler all the time. I have personally used an awful lot of newsletter services...
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Jun 08, 2011
It is a frustrating fact that the whole Field of Dreams thing just doesn't work when it comes to web sites.  You can build it, but it doesn't mean they will come.  Why is that?  It comes down to competition and demand.  We've done lots of research for clients over the years...
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Jun 08, 2011
The great thing about Social Media from a business perspective is that it gives a company new and very different ways to connect to customers.  The bad thing is that you have to find the time to manage yet another customer touch point.  You have your web site, email newsletter, Facebook,...
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May 12, 2011
As a business owner, I know that business people have more to do than there are hours in the day.  The key to being successful lies in prioritization and delegation.  Understanding what makes a web site effective and a sound investment seems to be a vast topic and not worthy of...
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Mar 24, 2011
Love the Mac.  Love Apple.  Don't like all of the shadow files beginning with ._ that get crammed into a tarball created on the Mac (10.6.6 - and I ran tar from the terminal).
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Dec 06, 2010
If you are writing your own components, there a couple of things that you need to do to make the component work with the Joomla! built-in SEF functionality and 3rd party SEF components.  We learned the hard way. In order to invoke Joomla! to convert urls like:
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Dec 06, 2010
One of the more limiting things in Joomla! is the way that user and group access is handled.  In order for a backend Joomla! user to have access to modules and components they have to be set up as either an Administrator or Super Administrator.  The problem is that this gives them access...
Relevance: Access Control
Dec 06, 2010
Certainly not strictly a Joomla! thing...  You may want to use a remote client for database administration and modifications, or perhaps you have need to integrate a desktop application with the database that runs your website. Whatever the reason, if you need to access a MySQL database...
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