Feed Your Facebook

The great thing about Social Media from a business perspective is that it gives a company new and very different ways to connect to customers.  The bad thing is that you have to find the time to manage yet another customer touch point.  You have your web site, email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc....  Do it right and you can really enhance your customer relationships, do it poorly and you very publicly demonstrate your shortcomings :-)

Now if you are fairly savvy with respect to social media, a well organized individual, and can find the time, you can do all of this manually.  It isn't the most efficient approach, but it is doable.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just publish content in one place and have it magically appear on your web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc?  Well the good news is you can.  Third party sevices like TwitterFeed will take a feed from your web site and automaticallly push that content out to Social Media channels.  If you are just looking to get your content pushed to Facebook and Twitter, this is a great approach.  You simply need to identify a syndication feed on your site as the source for your Social Media content, and you can let TwitterFeed do the rest.

Identifying the right feed on your site is of course a problem for some.  If you have a blog and you want to publish just your blog content, then that is a very straight forward proposition, but if your site has mixed content, it can be a bit tricky.

In our case our company web site is underpinned by the Drupal framework, and we want to push content out from our Knowledge, Services and Training content areas.  Using a module called Views, we are able to create a feed from these 3 different types of content.  Because not everything that we put in the Knowledge section of our web site is content that has broad appeal,  we added a custom checkbox so that we can choose if an article should be posted to the Social Media feed.  With that work done, it's all automated.