Give The People What They Want!

It is a frustrating fact that the whole Field of Dreams thing just doesn't work when it comes to web sites.  You can build it, but it doesn't mean they will come.  Why is that?  It comes down to competition and demand.  We've done lots of research for clients over the years looking at specific 'search terms' that they believe to be relevant to their businesses, and the reality is that:

  1. Very few people are searching for those terms.
  2. Everyone of your competitors is trying to cash in on the same search terms.

With search engines accounting for about 60% of web site traffic, you really need to get around this snafu...

Here's How

We've found that the majority of our web traffic originates from Search Engines, which is not at all surprising.  What is surprising is that most of these visits are 'landing' on pages that are technical FAQs.  We publish information on our site about how we've solved certain problems that are of interest to web developers, and these pages get hit very heavily.

"OK, but they aren't going to ask you to build a site for them, so how does that help?"

A rising tide floats all boats.  What happens is that the increased traffic, and more specifically the click-throughs from the search engines, tells Google and friends that our content is relevant.  Relevancy is a big part of determining Page Rank, and Page Rank has a big impact on where you rank in search engine results.  The effect is that because people like our article on mysql remote access, we do better when they search for other terms that are related to our business.

So if you have a blog or FAQ section on your site - get busy turning out content that is going to drive traffic.  If you don't have a place to do this on your site currently, contact us so that we can get you set up.