Industry Specific Solutions

With experience building sites for race teams, tracks, shops and high-performance manufacturers, we have the industry know-how you are looking for. We also know that you are different.  We don't take a cookie cutter approach to anything that we do.  Whether you own a small race team, or manufacture high-performance vehicles, you can be confident we will take the time to develop a real understanding of your business and what makes you unique.
Buentec has introduced the following product for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) only. It is our attempt to help such organizations to utilize the web as a means of being more effective in their individual efforts. It provides a leading Content Management System as the Infrastructure for your new web-site, design, implementation and training. The following is a list of functionality for the product:
Property development is big business. As a developer you have a great deal invested and on the line. The speed with which you are able to turn your assets - be they building plots, homes or units - has a direct and meaningful impact on your bottom line profitability. You know this, and that's why you place great importance on the sales infrastructure that you put in place. From the sales office, to literature, to the agents that you select, you seek out the very best.