Empowering Non-Profits

Buentec has introduced the following product for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) only. It is our attempt to help such organizations to utilize the web as a means of being more effective in their individual efforts. It provides a leading Content Management System as the Infrastructure for your new web-site, design, implementation and training.

The following is a list of functionality for the product:

  • Setup of Joomla! Content Management System (full site management infrastructure).
  • Adaptation of design template of choice to NPO's branding.
  • The following functional modules:
    • Google! Maps
    • Email Marketing (online newsletters)
    • Contact Management
    • Photo Gallery
    • Home Page Slideshow
  • Design of up to 5 site sections with dummy (greeked) content and visual identity. (We may at our discretion use real content from your existing site instead of dummy content.)
  • 4-hours training (available in 1 to 4 hour blocks)
  • Perpetual access to monthly Joomla! workshops conducted at the DRBDC.

The final product will be a highly professional web site built on the leading Open Source content management platform available today.

The site will be structurally complete with a high-value user interface, offering a great deal of flexibility in how content is presented on a case-by-case basis.

All of the content on the site will be editable using only a web browser.

Through perpetual access to Joomla! workshops, the client will have the support resources necessary to learn about editing/creating content, and will be able to maintain and grow their site over time.