Property Web Platform

Property development is big business. As a developer you have a great deal invested and on the line. The speed with which you are able to turn your assets - be they building plots, homes or units - has a direct and meaningful impact on your bottom line profitability. You know this, and that's why you place great importance on the sales infrastructure that you put in place. From the sales office, to literature, to the agents that you select, you seek out the very best.

The importance of the property Web Site in this equation simply cannot be underestimated. Your site represents your company in a direct and tangible way. From the look and feel of the site to the speed with which it loads in the user's browser, the entire experience speaks volumes about your company and your property. This is why it is so important that you leverage the knowledge of a web development firm that is experienced in this industry.

The buentec Property Platform is a complete set of tools for the marketing of homes, sub-divisions, residential and commercial developments. The platform includes tools for the management of all your information:

Interactive Plans

The web is the research tool of choice for property buyers. The more affluent the buyer, the more that they rely upon the Internet as their information source of choice. Interactive plans are de-facto tools for developers in larger markets across the country. Don't limit yourself to static plans that provide little information. With the buentec Property Platform you will have a level of interactivity that allows users to explore and drill into the level of detail that you and they need to close the sale.

Property Listings with Featured Properties

The ability to chose which properties are featured prominently on your site with just the click of a button. These features link seamlessly to the full listing on the property itself. You manage your information in just one place for the greatest level of accuracy and timeliness of information.

Newsletter Management

Allow users to subscribe to newsletters from any page on your site. Use the integrated suite of newsletter tools to keep interested users up-to-date on the latest information that you have to share.

Direct Contact

The ability for the user to send a request for further information on a specific property from that property's page without the need to click and reload yet another page.

Full Content Management

As with all of the sites we develop, your Property Web Site will have full content management capabilities.  This means you will be able to edit existing content and create new content yourself using only your web browser.  From homes to sales plats to units, you have the ability to manageinformation in real-time, ensuring that the most current and accurateinformation on your projects is always readily available to potentialcustomers.

Our skills include custom development of interactivecomponents allowing users to browse and interact with your building orsite plan in an intuitive manner, making all of your information bothaccessible and compelling.