Going Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere.  Is your site ready?

The largest area of growth in internet usage is mobile devices, and this is a time of great opportunity for organizations that are ready to meet their customers' demand for mobile compatible web sites and Apps.  

If you thought that the time to rapidly increase sales and become a dominant online player in your industry had passed, you are mistaken.  

The fact is that the first wave of the internet explosion was all about earlier adopters and speculative ventures.  That it not the case now.  The internet has matured, proliferated and become part of the fabric of commerce.  After the internet stock bubble burst, e-commerce continued to grow.  Through the recession, e-commerce has continued to grow, and there is no end in site.  The possibilities are endless.  Perhaps you could expand your geographic market through e-commerce, or maybe your sales reps could be placing customer orders on-site using an iPad App?  One thing is for certain, you may not take the leap, but your competition will.

Where to start?

If your web site is built on a modern framework like Drupal, then your existing site can be adapted to provide a mobile version to specific devices.  There is no need to manage two separate sites, or two sets of products or news articles.  Instead a layer is introduced into the framework that detects the user's device, and serves up the appropriate content formatted for mobile display.

If you don't have a modern framework underpinning your existing site, now is the time consider making the move.  The face of the internet is changing at an incredible rate, and flexibility is key.  With the right tools and strategies in place, your organization will achieve a level of competitive advantage that can transform your business.

Visit our site on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone and you'll find much of the same content that is available here via your computer's web browser, but you will also discover that the display, formatting and user interface has all been optimized for your mobile device.

We'd love to help you leverage the mobile web.  Contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.