Search Engine Optimization

With the buentec platform, SEOs built in. Natural Language URL's, logical content structure, and full control of the TAGS that make search engines love your site are all part of the package. Better still, as with every element of your site, it is all within your control...

Search Engine Optimization comes across as a bit of a black art.  How do you get good returns from searches with Google! Yahoo! MSN and the rest?  A whole industry has been built around the promise of Search Engine Success.

The truth is that there are 2 very different approaches to the challenge.  The first is to try and outsmart the Search Engines.  There are lots of tricks that can be employed to improve Search Engine Results.  The downside of this approach is huge.  The Serach Engines are in the business of providing good and relevant results, and employing tricks to bolster results can actually result in a site being de-listed entirely from the Search Engine.

The sound approach lies in building a solid web site that follows industry best-practices and guidelines. 

  • Solid and relevant content
  • Logical content structure
  • Pertinent Title and Description Meta Tags
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

All buentec sites adhere to these principles - and our use of robust Content Management gives you as the site owner the control that you need to keep your site relevant.

Don't be fooled by promises of overnight Search Engine Success.  The old adage "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is" is right on the money.